lunedì 2 luglio 2012

Colors, Icons and Fun

"As near as I could was all happening because we were really interested in everything that was going on. The Pop Idea, after all, was that anybody could do anything, so naturally we were all trying to do it all. Nobody wanted to stay in one category; we all wanted to branch out into every creative thing we could" 
Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol, il più grande esponente della Pop Art, ha saputo identificare e riprodurre, facendone vera arte, le icone dell'immaginario collettivo americano. I ritratti sono un punto focale nella ricerca di Warhol: i personaggi famosi, al di là della loro persona, sono il risultato di una percezione di massa, di stati d'animo, di colori e di espressioni. 

Andy Warhol, the greatest exponent of Pop Art, has been able to identify and reproduce, making real art, icons of the American collective imaginary. The portraits are a focal point in the search for Warhol: famous people, beyond their person, are the result of a perception of mass, moods, colors and expressions.

T-shirt (Keyhole)