domenica 18 novembre 2012

Play with your mask!

When the curtain goes up you are immediately thrown into a dreams and retro world.
The circus is magic, makes you a children capable of dreaming and moves a bit from the structures of society to travel with the mind in a world of creativity.
... and the show I attended, Alegria by Cirque du Soleil is truly unique ...
Saltimbanco, acrobats from the best schools of circus from Russia to China, dwarves jumping here and there ... all dressed in suits of vibrant colors and maked up perfectly. It is fun to use clothing as a mask in real life isn't it?
Sometimes the atmosphere created around the mask becomes unreal, almost poetic. Takes place, at least for a moment, the fantastic possibilities that something can happen also those that social rules, the laws of physics in general, do not allow and do not accept.

Quando si alza il sipario si è immediatamente catapultati in un mondo onirico e retrò. 
Il circo è magia, fa tornare bambini, fa sognare, allontana un po' dalle strutture della società per viaggiare con la mente in un mondo di creatività. 
...e lo spettacolo a cui ho assistito, Alegrìa del Cirque du Soleil è davvero unico...
Saltimbanco, acrobati snodati provenienti dalle migliori scuole circensi dalla Russia alla Cina, mangiafumo, nani che saltano di qua e di là ...tutti vestiti con tute dai colori più vivaci e truccati alla perfezione. Non è divertente usare gli abiti come maschera anche nella vita reale?
A volte l'atmosfera che si crea intorno alla maschera e al mascheramento diventa irreale, quasi poetica. Si realizza, almeno per un momento, la possibilità fantastica che possa accadere quello che la vita, le regole sociali, le leggi stesse della fisica in genere, non permettono e non accettano.

giovedì 1 novembre 2012


The brand "Keyhole" has stroked me by its style, attention to details and ability to turn a t-shirt into a sophisticated garment to transmit to the wearer personality and uniqueness.
"Keyhole" is a witness of our times, of an epoch in which every moment of our social and intimate lifestyle becomes an occasion to show ourselves off,in which voyeurism is normal.And this voyeurism has been interpreted by the use of Polaroid, printed on organic cotton t-shirts with bias cut .
A Polaroid represents a unique and irrepeatable shot, not shaped by digital technology but only by means of a manual process to create an ‘exclusive’. The instant photos highlight a notable voyeurism that particulary accentuates beauty, the plastic strength and delicacy, the analysis of the forms and expression of the bodies that emerge from these special and unusual polaroid images elaborated by hand.  
The idea of the error, the not perfection, but uniqueness that create the most beautiful form of art has always fascinated me.

T-shirt (Keyhole)